Networking & consultancy

Having a stable networking environment is just the first stage of ensuring that your employees, vendors, clients and your team have confidence in your business.

Talk with us about your requirement of networking solutions, computers and peripherals and get the feedback and advice you need for integrating them with this technology consultation services. Will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your small business network setup.

Our Networking Services includes:

  • Networking consultancy, installation & troubleshooting
  • Set up and configure your wireless network connection with your ISP
  • Connect a wireless router to your ISP modem and update router firmware
  • Change your SSID, administrator username (if applicable) and administrator password
  • Enable wireless network encryption for added security
  • Network compatible computers or devices, including file and print servers, network-ready printers, TVs, home theater equipment, VoIP devices, game consoles, Apple TV, TiVO, media center extenders Test your wireless connection for proper functionality
  • DNS Server Setup, Maintenance and Consultation
  • networking_and_consultancy
  • DHCP Server Setup, Maintenance and Consultation
  • Domain Server Configuration and Maintenance
  • Terminal Service and VPN Configuration and Maintenance
  • VPN and Remote Access Integration
  • eMail Virus and Spam Protection
  • Network Hardware Installation
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues, including reconfiguration and reconnection to the Internet